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至晟貿易 國際知名汽車零件代理 
ARES 至晟貿易/ SUNWI 晟威工業 秉持伴您同行的心、與時俱進的精神;和我們國際一級(Tier One)的OE原廠零組件供應夥伴,一起幫您降低營運成本,提升行車安全。從車頭到尾車,我們都有全方位的支援方案。

With a team dedicated to European commercial vehicle business for decades, Ares is aiming at introducing up-to -date products and knowledge to local Taiwan market. To fulfill our commitment, we work closely and aggressively with our well-known partners such as MERITOR, BOSCH, MAHLE, ZF/WABCO, HELLA, VALEO and others.
Ares Autoparts’ headquarters based in Taichung Harbor area, the other five branch offices and one workshop are located near port, highway exit for customers’ easy access. Approximately seventy staff working every day to ensure our customers can get quality parts, service and latest technology support.
Our OE business is to deal with brake system, control unit and lightings which required homologation report issued by authorities before new type approval for our trailer /bus bodybuilders and chassis manufacturers customers.
On the AM side, with thousands of line items in stock, we deliver quality parts to independent workshops through our parts outlets. Meanwhile, our workshop not only offer the advanced DPF/SCR cleaning solution which awarded by Taichung government but also the best trailer ABS/EBS service and training provider in town.
Foreseeing the emerging European CVs demand in Taiwan, Ares is well prepared to move forward together with our solid partners in order to ensure fleets/driver owners the best validity and safe transportation.

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